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Excel Visual Basic

Course Overview

Excel Visual Basic is the programming language of Excel and other Office programs. In this short Excel Visual Basic course will explore the following:

  • How to record macros in Excel
  • Understand the programming concepts including object models
  • How to use the VBA Editor
  • Create and use procedures in VBA
  • Define and use variables
  • Write and work with user-defined functions
  • Author code to manipulate Excel objects
  • Apply common programming principles
  • How to work with forms and controls
  • Write code to drive a user form
  • How to detect and correct errors

The course will be delivered in a relaxed, informal setting to facilitate group discussion and will include a wide range of hands-on activities. Regular feedback will be provided by tutor guided question and answer sessions.

Course Objectives

The Excel VBA for Engineers training course will show delegates how to understand fundamental programming concepts and apply these to engineering problems.


The course agenda includes the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Prerequisites
  • Getting started
  • Working with procedures and functions
  • Understanding objects
  • Using expressions and variables
  • Excel objects
  • Programming principles
  • Introduction to forms
  • Handling errors


This course will be delivered at our Newcastle upon Tyne office.


Course dates for 2018 to be confirmed.

Your Penspen Tutor

This course will be presented by Toby Fletcher, one of Penspen’s Consultant Pipeline Integrity Engineers.

Register Your Interest

To register your interest in this course please contact Learning Services at training@penspen.com