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We develop and maintain the leading PlusOne Pipeline Design software, which is used internationally by over 80 clients in the oil and gas industry. PlusOne is an integrated software environment for pipeline design, offering a sophisticated and comprehensive range of engineering modules. The modular design and common data handling ensures that results calculated from one module flow naturally into the others, assisting the engineer in defining the pipeline configuration.

PlusOne incorporates many comprehensive developments of the industry standard product including:

  • Full implementation of the BS PD8010 and DNV design codes;
  • Other codes such asDNV, Veritec and ASME;
  • Compatibility with all Windows 32 bit versions;
  • Stand-alone or network installation;
  • Built-in on-line help;
  • Results are output in Graph, Word, Excel and HTML formats;
  • User configuration for various system settings.

PlusOne encapsulates the analysis sequence in the following capabilities:

  • Hydraulic analysis;
  • Material selection;
  • Wall thickness calculations;
  • Stability analysis (including on-bottom stability);
  • Span analysis;
  • Expansion analysis;
  • Lay stress analysis;
  • Anode design;
  • Lay rate estimation reeling analysis;
  • Upheaval buckling analysis;
  • Lateral buckling analysis.