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THEIA Modules

Pipeline Integrity Management Solution

Image which shows a glimpse of the THEIA pipeline integrity management software solution platform

THEIA pipeline integrity management software solution offers a comprehensive suite of modules that clients can choose from to suit their specific business requirements. We offer flexible and bespoke software packages to meet our clients’ needs. We value our client’s input, and we work closely with them to help shape the future roadmap for THEIA.

As an innovative pipeline software solution, THEIA enables pipeline operators to:

  • Extract value from historical data and real-time data
  • Acceleration of assessment and decision-making process
  • Increasing value from optimisation of asset performance
  • Confidence in asset compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Empowerment of integrity engineering team and continuous improvement
  • Integration with parallel business processes and KPIs
  • Align data via customized data techniques

Key THEIA Modules

KPI Tracking Dashboard

Customisable KPI dashboards help our clients maintain safe and cost-effective asset integrity management of their pipeline operations. With THEIA, operators can track live sensor data, user input data and any assessment outputs including risk analysis and remnant life. It is fully customisable with client and field specific KPIs.

GIS Mapping

THEIA GIS mapping functionality enable users to digitally view, analyse and manage their pipeline information.

Data Manager

As a pipeline integrity management software solution, THEIA empowers operators to truly capture the value of their data. THEIA delivers insights into pipeline integrity within a predictive analytical environment for a fast and more accurate prognosis.


With THEIA, pipeline operators are empowered to carry out their own asset integrity assessments in-house.

Technical Library

Keep your team trained with the latest integrity standards. THEIA offers a wealth of e-learning materials developed by Penspen, which are based on multiple MSc University courses.

Watch Our Latest Animation

Meet Ilse our Pipeline Integrity Manager. Ilze is our next character in a series of ‘A Day in the Life of…’ short animations, which have been produced as part of the launch of THEIA pipeline integrity management software solution.


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