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Pipeline Integrity Management Solution

THEIA is a cloud-based pipeline integrity management software solution, developed as part of Penspen’s ongoing commitment to digital transformation. As a pipeline software solution, it is designed to provide oil and gas operators with critical insights into their pipeline integrity, to promote the safe and cost-efficient asset integrity management of their pipeline assets.

THEIA combines Penspen’s years of experience, industry knowledge and quality assurance capability to provide a complete picture of pipeline assets under a wide range of different environmental and operating scenarios. Penspen believe harnessing predictive data analytics in this way will enable pipeline operators’ insights into how best to manage asset integrity, alongside whole life-cycle technical assurance.


At Penspen, we recognise that one of the biggest challenges in the oil and gas industry is uncertainty. Pipeline operators are faced with ageing assets and budget-cuts, as well as increasing regulatory demands and loss of skills within the industry.

Infographic showing the main benefits behind THEIA pipeline integrity management software solution

THEIA represents a new way of thinking to address these constraints, to reduce uncertainty and to help minimise unforeseen failure, now and in the future. With THEIA, pipeline operators are empowered to make more informed decisions to critically assess the integrity of their pipeline operations. The ability to run complex assessments securely, providing predictive or real-time information and analysis, forms the backbone of the current THEIA software solution.

We encourage constant innovation and development, working closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the best value and results. More importantly, we support our clients and we work closely with them in defining the future roadmap for THEIA.

Key advantages of THEIA as a pipeline integrity management solution include:

  • Data agnostic – THEIA accepts and compares inspection data from a range of different vendors simultaneously
  • Speed to insight – the whole process is automated, from upload to report generation, and is measured in seconds, rather than days or weeks
  • Future proof – THEIA can fully harness industry 4.0. As a cloud-based solution, THEIA can ingest all available data – live or quasi-live – so that engineers can gain important insights and make better decisions to optimise asset performance
  • Data ingestion, analysis and alignment using smart recognition
  • Data and document management
  • User-friendly interface, which is accessible any time and any where
  • Integration with existing ERP solutions, such as Maximo, ESRI and SAP
  • E-Learning

THEIA is a configurable, cloud-based, intuitive pipeline software solution, designed to allow operators a high degree of flexibility in accessing their pipeline asset information. Elements such as dashboard summary, live KPI updates, fast automation of analysis and report generation on a secure and reliable platform will assist the drive toward achieving industry 4.0 compatibility.

THEIA’s functionality is differentiated on the following:

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Assess to live data feeds
  • Data management services
  • Assessment modules
  • Remaining modules
  • Field work
  • Risk management
  • Visualisation
  • Data administration
  • User administration
  • Training
  • Technical support

For further information about THEIA’s pipeline integrity management functionality, please click here.

Asset Integrity Consultancy Support

Our team of integrity experts at Penspen can provide pipeline integrity management support alongside THEIA if required. We have pipeline integrity consultants across the globe, with extensive expertise in corrosion, materials and welding, pipeline risk and integrity assessments, failure investigations, geohazards, inspection, failure investigations, decommissioning, risk reliability and repair rehabilitation.

For more information on Penspen’s Asset Integrity Services, please click here.

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