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Pipeline Integrity Management Solution

Penspen developed THEIA as an environment for pipeline operators across the globe to access Penspen’s leading expertise in pipeline defect assessment and asset integrity management.  As a pipeline software solution, THEIA is part of our ongoing commitment to the digital transformation of its services.

THEIA is a secure, native cloud-based digital solution designed to provide pipeline operators greater confidence in managing the pipeline integrity of their operations. THEIA aims to help oil and gas operators address issues relating to ageing pipeline assets, scarce resources, stricter legislation requirements as well as rising operational costs.

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As Peter O’Sullivan, Penspen CEO, explains ‘There is no secret about the challenges we face in the energy industry. Ageing pipeline assets mean greater risks which are in turn set against a background of industry-wide cost reductions and increased regulatory demands. Furthermore, loss of skills and strong competition for new talent mean resources for the time-consuming analysis of inspection data are limited. THEIA responds to all these constraints by empowering operators to make critical and timely decisions for the optimum management of their pipelines.’

THEIA’s mission is to empower integrity teams, capture the value of data, prevent failures and optimise asset performance.

Our THEIA Team

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