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Pipeline Integrity Management Solution

How secure is the THEIA pipeline integrity management platform?

Client Data Security is one of the most important design principles behind THEIA.

We have adopted their philosophy of culture, truth, trust:

  • Culture – security embedded into all processes and tools;
  • Trust – the implementation of perimeter-based security to protect access to customers applications and data;
  • Truth – to ensure the authenticity of the data, no tampering of classified data and ensure any data breaches can be proven.

The THEIA environment is working towards ISO 27001 accreditation and operates all its processes in accordance with the requirements of this standard.

Is THEIA only for pipelines or can it be used for all asset types?

THEIA is currently focused on pipelines. The vision for the future of the platform is that it will be able to expand to cover a wider range of assets.

What differentiates THEIA from other pipeline software solutions in the market?

THEIA is a native cloud-based solution that offers the industry a comprehensive approach to integrity; from training to complete assessments, through to risk and data alignment, in addition to benchmarking. THEIA prepares pipeline operators for the future within a single environment without the need for multiple licences or subscriptions.

How long does the set up for THEIA take?

Once the agreements are in place THEIA can be set up and available to our clients within 24 hours. Gathering the data is usually the most time-consuming activity and once it is available it can be uploaded in a matter of minutes. For new clients, THEIA resources are on hand to support in this process.

Can THEIA integrate with existing systems that are already in place?

Yes, if the existing system has an API that can be made available, THEIA will be able to integrate to it. If the API is new to THEIA there will be some development time to implement it. Scope and purpose of the integration will also need to be clearly defined. Depending on the nature of the API and the scope a new API would take approximately 3 weeks to implement.

Can THEIA be trialed free of charge?

Yes, if you are an interested party you can talk to your Penspen account manager and see if you are eligible to benefit from a 1-month trial of THEIA. If you are not currently a client of Penspen, please contact theia@penspen.com. 

 How much does THEIA cost?

THEIA is a subscription service and pricing depends on which functionality you require. It can be purchased per module or as part of a technology augmented consultancy offering. The subscription price is made up of:

    • Number of pipelines added to THEIA
    • Functionality required
      • Assessments
      • E Learning
      • Mapping
      • KPI’s
    • Support required
      • Bronze
      • Silver
      • Gold

Pricing for your network can be provided on request. Contact theia@penspen.com.

What Assessments can I run using THEIA?

THEIA complies with a variety of industry standards familiar to all integrity specialists. These include

      • Mod B31G
      • Kastner
      • NG18
      • API 579
      • DNV RP F101

For more information on the roadmap of THEIA please contact theia@penspen.com

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