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Penspen are certified members of a number of internationally recognised organisations across the industry.

We have partnerships with associations across the world, including NACE International, the North West Hydrogen Alliance, the Pipeline Industries Guild,  the Tank Storage Association, UKOPA and World Hydrogen Leaders.

Association for Materials Protection & Performance (NACE International)

We are Gold members of the Association for Materials Protection & Performance (AMPP), formerly NACE International, the worldwide authority on the effects of corrosion and the solutions used to control it.

Penspen take part in a range of conferences and events hosted throughout the year, regarding aspects of pipeline corrosion.

To visit the website, click here.

Energy Industries Council

As members of the Energy Industries Council (EIC), Penspen has access to to valuable market intelligence via their online energy project database.

The EIC enables members to access a global network, including regional insight into the energy sector.

For further information on the EIC, visit their website here.

Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europeupports the delivery of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies.

As an industry body, Hydrogen Europe provide Penspen with access to a network working to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement across Europe.

The research section of Hydrogen Europe is a partner in the European Joint Undertaking on Hydrogen.

Visit the Hydrogen Europe website here.

North West Hydrogen Alliance

As part of the North West Hydrogen Alliance, our work will help to develop the region as the UK’s primary hydrogen economy. The capabilities developed over 65+ years of designing and maintaining oil and gas facilities and pipelines make us an ideal partner in the development of hydrogen infrastructure.

Penspen became a member of the North West Hydrogen Alliance in 2020.

To visit the North West Hydrogen Alliance website, click here.

Pipeline Industries Guild

Penspen were involved in the founding of the Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG) and have held a membership since 1957.

As members of PIG, we are involved in the only worldwide organisation that specialises in the pipeline industry, regardless of discipline.

To visit the Pipeline Industries Guild website, click here.

Tank Storage Association

We are a member of the Tank Storage Association (TSA), an industry based organisation dedicated to the improvement of professional third party bulk liquid storage. This includes the provision of storage and transportation for crude oil, petroleum and chemicals.

At Penspen, Safety is our number one priority and TSA’s role is to champion the health, safety and technical needs of its members.

To visit the Tank Storage Guild Association website, click here.

The Institute of Asset Management

We are Corporate Members of the Institute of Asset Management.

The IAM is a professional body with extensive knowledge and practice in Asset Management, and is part of a global network of over 30,000 people. 

To visit the AIM website, click here. 


Penspen became a member of the United Kingdom Onshore Pipeline Association (UKOPA) in 1996. An authoritative industry body, UKOPA ensures the integrity of a network of 27,000KM of pipeline in the UK.

We own and operate 16KM of the Manchester Jet Line, pipeline that supplies aviation fuel to Manchester airport. This enables Penspen to be a member of UKOPA and engage with regulators and other pipeline operators in the UK.

To visit the UKOPA website, click here.

World Hydrogen Leaders

As the energy industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation, clean hydrogen is gaining global significance. We have joined the World Hydrogen Leaders, an online network which aims to accelerate the production and distribution of clean hydrogen.

To visit the World Hydrogen Leaders website, click here.