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The Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual

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The Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual (PDAM)

The Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual (PDAM) is a 473-page engineering manual that gives definitive guidance on the best practices in pipeline defect assessment, and provides users with detailed procedures, methods and equations for the assessment of defects such as corrosion, gouges and dents.

The Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual (PDAM) is the name given to both the manual itself and the joint industry project, involving 49 international sponsors, that produced the manual.

PDAM presents the best currently available methods for the assessment of pipeline defects in a simple and easy-to-use manual and gives guidance on their use. It is based on an extensive critical review of published ‘fitness-for-purpose’ methods and test data. PDAM is intended to be another tool that will assist pipeline engineers in maintaining pipeline integrity.

The PDAM project was launched in 1999 and continues today. As more sponsors join PDAM, the manual is constantly updated. Sponsors can choose to direct effort into any area of pipeline defect assessment that contributes to the manual.  The most recent update (PDAM2 – second edition) was introduced in November 2016 and included:

– New chapter on fatigue assessment guidance;

– A new literature review of mechanical damage fatigue, weld defects, cracking, fracture propagation and subsea integrity issues and associated assessment methods;

– A general update of the manual to improve guidance, clarity and additional worked examples.

During 2023-24 PDAM2 will be reviewed for further up-dates and discussions are ongoing within the sponsors to expand the scope of PDAM further to align it better with the industry trends towards Hydrogen/ CO2 pipelines and defects in older onshore and offshore pipeline assets.  This will result in PDAM3.

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You can become a sponsor of PDAM. As a sponsor you will receive the current version of PDAM, (PDAM2), the original version plus all the supporting calculation sheets and supporting background literature reviews and test data. You will also be invited to contribute and support the future developments and direction of PDAM on an ongoing basis and kept up to date with all progress.

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PDAM Contents

The ‘PDAM’ project encompasses a comprehensive manual, literature reviews, spreadsheets for calculations, and datasets aimed at facilitating the assessment of pipeline defects. It provides a holistic resource combining detailed methodologies, technical literature reviews, calculation tools, and experimental data to support effective pipeline defect assessment.

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PDAM Sponsors

The sponsors of PDAM meet either via either a Plenary Committee, or a Technical Committee to discuss progress, new developments and agree on how to direct improvements to the manual.  Due to the global nature of the sponsorship meetings are convened via TEAMS to ensure inclusivity regardless of location. Face to face meetings are also held where possible.

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