Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) 

In a multi-discipline oil & gas business, we operate across a range of environments, including some with serious health and safety risks.

Regardless, wherever we are working, the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and contractors is one area where we refuse to compromise. To clarify our intention to ourselves and to our clients, we have developed a new HSE vision that defines what we are striving for:

Penspen are committed to ensuring that we don’t harm people or the environment through the work that we do.

To ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and contractors remains front of mind, we have also introduced of a new HSE tagline, which will appear alongside our logo on all Penspen HSE materials:

Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safe.

The commitment to Home Safe at the end of each working day is one that we make to our employees when they arrive at work. It’s also a promise that we want our employees, clients and contractors to make to each other.

To do this, we have developed a set of guiding principles and behavioural rules to keep us on track. The guiding principles outline our commitment to how we will operate as a business. The behavioural rules were developed with the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and contractors in mind and are expected of all who work for Penspen. They are mandatory – no exceptions.

We all want to go home safe. Let’s make sure it happens.


QHSE Memberships and Certificates

Penspen is a member of the internationally recognised British Safety Council. You can view our certificates and accreditations with the links below.

Global HSE Reporting System

We’ve launched a Global HSE reporting system allowing anyone to be able to log in, on any device to report any incidents or safety concerns they observe.

Since its inception the system has proven helpful, most notably in a situation where Penspen employees had to report that a portable flare had not only been set up in a proximity of less than 2m from where they were working but was also set up too close to highly flammable Nitrogen bottles, which could have exposed our employees to severe harm.

Through diligent and timely reporting of the incident using the HSE tool, the potential of harm was eliminated, and the safety of our engineers was secured. Our internal report and investigation resulted in an improved awareness on regulations, improved communications and additional safety procedures. This situation, albeit a near-miss, serves as a testament to the importance of high standards of safety within our workplace, and to our dedication to continuing focus on safety.


Observing and Reporting High-Risk Situations

Our Asset Management technicians recently observed a high-risk situation while conducting a vantage point survey for one of our clients. Our technicians observed an active excavation taking place near the high-pressure gas pipeline. Our technicians immediately informed the contractors of the presence of the pipeline and requested the contractors to stop the excavation until the pipeline was located. The contractors, who were unaware of the pipeline, were laying electrical cable in a trench 1100mm deep. After consultation with the client, it was agreed to pause the excavation work until the location of the pipeline was confirmed to guarantee the integrity and safety of the pipeline and the people at work.

Penspen’s in-house HSE reporting system was utilised to capture this near miss situation (an event not resulting in harm, but that holds the potential to cause severe injury or ill health), allowing both the client and Penspen employees to investigate and act on the incident effectively.