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Pipeline Defect Assessment Course 14th – 16th June 2022


Penspen tutors will provide you with guidance on the fundamentals of pipeline defect behaviour, from the basic theories of pipeline defect failure to the leading industry best practice approaches for pipeline defect assessment.

The course covers the assessment of defect types, including corrosion, gouges, dents, cracks and weld defects. An introduction will be given on suitable repair methods for these defect types.

In recognition of the current interest in shipping hydrogen in pipelines, this course will also provide an introduction to the issue of hydrogen as associated with pipeline defects.


– Present established methods to assess the significance of defects detected in onshore and offshore pipelines

– Introduce a range of analytical methods, including fracture mechanics and fatigue procedures

– Provide practical tutorials of case studies in the use of the presented methods


– Pipeline Basics and Why Pipelines Fail 

– Defect Assessment Fundamentals  

– How to Assess Corrosion Defects 

– How to Assess Gouges 

– How to Assess Dents 

– How to Assess Cracks 

– How to Assess Weld Defects 

– Introduction to Pipeline Repairs 

– Introduction to Hydrogen


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