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Pipeline Integrity Management

Balancing the Risks and costs


This course aims to provide participants with a knowledge of how to implement PIMS in order to better identify, understand and control risks posed to pipelines.

Course Objective

  • To explain how, by implementing a robust pipeline integrity management system, pipeline risks can be identified, understood and controlled, such that they are reduced to a minimum and pipeline integrity is achieved;
  • To explain the arrangements that must be put in place to achieve pipeline integrity.

Outline Course Agenda:

Overview –

  • Pipeline Integrity Management System;
  • International codes;
  • Penspen PIMS model.

PIMS Policy –

  • Policies;
  • Objectives;
  • Performance indicators.

PIMS Organisation –

  • Management;
  • Organisation;
  • Data and document control.

PIMS Planning and Implementing –

  • Pipeline risk;
  • Design control;
  • Procurement control;
  • Construction control;
  • Commissioning and handover;
  • Normal and abnormal operatives;
  • Planned inspection, maintenance and repair;
  • Emergency response;
  • Emergency recovery and repair;
  • Accident investigation and reporting;
  • Modifications and change control.

Measuring PIMS Performance –

  • Quality assurance;
  • Legal and code compliance;
  • Performance indicators.

Reviewing PIMS Performance

PIMS Auditing –

  • Internal;
  • External.

Who Should Attend

  • Pipeline managers, engineers and designers involved with the design, construction, maintenance, inspection and repair of pipelines;
  • Pipeline engineers and designers who require knowledge of risk assessment and management;
  • Managers and engineers involved in risk assessment and management or engineers who require a good, broad, understanding of the topics.


9th-11th June 2020

This is a 3 day course.


This course will be delivered at our Newcastle upon Tyne, UK office.


This course is priced at £1800.00 per attendee.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Register Your Interest

Places are limited to ensure that delegates receive the best possible introduction to this interesting subject. Please register your interest early as this course is very popular.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact the training team.