A Day In the Life Of a Head of ADNOC PMC Projects

In our “Day in the Life Of” series, we acknowledge the diverse skill set and talent our employees bring to the day-to-day running of Penspen.    

This time, we meet Waleed Abdo, our Head of ADNOC PMC Projects based in Abu Dhabi. 

Name: Waleed Abdo

Role: Head of ADNOC PMC Projects

Team: Engineering and Project Management

Office Region: UAE, Middle East

Hi Waleed, as Head of ADNOC PMC Projects, how would you describe your role?  

My role gives me the chance to work on several challenging projects and to achieve success for both the client and Penspen, and my commitment is to develop and maintain strong professional working relationships with clients, with the overall focus being on supporting our clients to deliver successful projects.  

As a people manager, the needs of my staff are important as this has a direct impact on their well-being. A positive team ensures not only quality but Penspen’s growth as an industry leader.   

While providing leadership and strategic vision in managing the Project Management Division, my team and I work closely with several departments to encourage strategic growth for both Penspen and our clients. 

 You are involved in many exciting projects, are there any specific ones you find especially interesting?

EPC projects, because they allow you to experience different stages of the project. This can range from engineering to procurement before moving on to construction and commissioning. Furthermore, EPC projects come with a scope, contractual and financial key indicators that will enhance the knowledge level of our engineers. Projects like these provide extensive experience for our engineers, which adds to Penspen’s expertise and most importantly the client experience.  

How are you and your team supporting clients with navigating industry changes? 

The oil and gas industry is changing as the demand for energy increases. I do see these changes as a positive for the industry and our clients. We are committed to collaborating and keeping our clients informed, by identifying changes taking place within the market and introducing new solutions that can support them, for example through new technologies such as THEIA, Penspen’s Pipeline Integrity Management Software Solution.

What advice would you give to yourself as a young engineer? 

Your first job will define the path of your career. Therefore, it is advisable to start your career with a reputable organisation, this will enhance not only your knowledge but also your skills. I started my career with Penspen 20 years ago, I can confidently say I selected the right career path. I would also add, define your career goals and make the most of any opportunities when they are presented to you.  

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