A Day In the Life Of a Discipline Engineer

In our “Day in the Life Of” series, we acknowledge the diverse skill set and talent our employees bring to the day-to-day running of Penspen.    

This time, we meet Brendan Kelly, our Chief Discipline Engineer based in the UK. Brendan is a Level 5 Expert in: Corrosion, Materials, Coatings, Cathodic Protection, Chemical Treatments, Corrosion Mechanisms, and Corrosion Monitoring.

Name: Brendan Kelly

Role: Chief Discipline Engineer

Team: Centre of Engineering Excellence

Office Region: UK

Hi Brendan, as a Chief Discipline Engineer, how has the operators needs evolved over the years?
What has been apparent, especially with upstream companies, is that one member of staff can be responsible for several fields nowadays. Given the complexity of certain projects, our role is to support them as they might not be as familiar with the process as once was the case, something that provide new opportunity for knowledge development.

What impact do you see renewable energy having on the industry and how do you compare it to when you first started your career? 
Renewable energy has added to the uncertainties which afflict the energy industry. The prices of oil and gas have typically been driven by the markets and are vulnerable to both changes in government and government policy. Renewables are an important part of the armoury to provide a reliable energy supply, and their importance will grow over time. However, it is apparent from the energy crisis in Europe this year that there are areas of development required.

If you could give yourself advice when you first started your career, what would it be? 
Always be willing to change direction. I learned it in my first job which included working in a foundry, and I have applied this throughout my career.

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