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Collaborating with Dar

Organisations that can demonstrate value through collaboration across project management and energy services are vitally important within the current global economic climate. Dar Group, a vast network of companies of which Penspen is a member, is such an organisation. It has the capabilities to deliver complex projects – from inception through to completion – for clients of any size, anywhere in the world. It achieves this through utilising the skill sets and strengths that it has to offer in order to complete briefs, projects and deliverables across global geographies.

As a member of the Dar Group since 1989, the technical knowledge and skills available to Penspen are comprehensive and varied to suit client requirements. We have our own strengths, but our relationship with the wider Dar Group affords us an even greater breadth of knowledge, enabling us to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers. Penspen has the facilities to draw upon the resources and experience of the entire group, and with more than 19,000 employees globally across more than 60 locations, the network provides an international source of skills for us to call upon when carrying out engineering design and project management work.

The Dar Group has over 19,000 employees across 60+ locations

As an example, we recently partnered with Dar, our founding company, on projects in the Middle East and Africa region. Collaborating enabled us to deliver high quality services to all our clients. As part of this, we carried out a techno-economic study on behalf of the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON), based in Riyadh, which was led by Dar. Our Centre for Engineering Excellence (CEE) supported the project by delivering findings on cost estimation, gas demand, design codes and risk analysis, with help from Dar. Our team in the UK provided key inputs, while our UAE-based colleagues were responsible for process, cost estimation, scheduling and supporting tasks.

MODON is responsible for contributing to Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision of a National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLIP). The 2030 vision will see MODON support the development of four industrial areas over the next 20 years as part of Saudi Arabia’s diversification strategy, thereby delivering new economic growth and employment opportunities.

Penspen provided key engineering inputs to define a concept that, by 2040, will provide 500KM of new high-pressure transmission pipelines

Naturally, the provision of suitable energy to support this economic growth is fundamental and Penspen provided key engineering inputs to define an engineering concept that, by 2040, will provide 500KM of new high-pressure transmission pipelines and associated downstream medium and low-pressure systems. This infrastructure will supply 130KM² of industrial zone development.

The fast-track study commenced in March 2020 and had a demanding schedule at the outset, with further constraints added by the impacts of COVID-19. However the cross-geography and company collaboration meant that the project was completed successfully and to the highest standards.

Dar Group’s network is united by a commitment to providing clients with multi-disciplinary solutions rooted in quality, innovation, collaboration and sustainability. Penspen shares this commitment and has a key role to play in project framework and execution on behalf of the Dar. We look forward to further collaborative projects that will enable us to continue in the provision of the highest quality of services to customers across the world.

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