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White Paper: Corrosion in Chemical Injection Circuits – Inspection Strategies

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Unveiling the Hidden Threat: Corrosion in Chemical Injection Circuits

In the realm of preventive maintenance, the commonly employed strategy to curb internal corrosion in pipelines and steel vessels involves treating the corrosive environment with chemical products. These substances aim to alter or modify the electrochemical corrosion cell, eliminating fundamental elements like the anode, cathode, or ionic conductor.

Surprisingly, this seemingly effective approach has been linked to internal corrosion and consequential damages such as fatigue and cracking in both pipes and equipment within the same injection system. The ramifications of these issues extend beyond maintenance concerns, sparking worries about their impact on health, safety, the environment, and the economy in the event of system failure.

Discover more in our new white paper that delves into the reasons behind corrosion in chemical injection circuits. Learn not only about the root causes but also how implementing inspection programmes designed to detect and effectively mitigate the threats posed by corrosion can help safeguard your assets, minimise risks, and ensure the longevity of your pipeline systems.

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