A Day In the Life Of a Legal, Compliance, and Risk Expert

In our “Day in the Life Of” series, we acknowledge the diverse skill set and talent our employees bring to the day-to-day running of Penspen.    

This time, we meet Daniella Lloyd, our Head of Legal, Compliance, and Risk based in the UK. 

Name: Daniella Lloyd

Role: Head of Legal, Compliance, and Risk

Team: Corporate

Office Region: UK

Hi Daniella, you joined Penspen back in 2022, what made you excited about the role and its prospects?

Since Penspen is at the forefront of the global energy sector, and with previous projects in over 100 countries around the world, I knew the role would be exciting and varied. Our clients rely on us to deliver complex solutions in some of the toughest environments on the planet and being part of the team that helps deliver such solutions is both challenging and rewarding. Working on projects to create a greener energy future was also a key factor, as the switch to renewable energy gathers pace to help tackle climate change.

How do you navigate the many different requirements across the regions?

I am lucky to work with a variety of teams around the business who have extensive experience and understand the impact of the different frameworks in which we operate. Having previously worked with businesses with a global reach, I recognise the need to adapt to new jurisdictions, not only in terms of regulation and compliance, but also the role of culture in an international setting. It’s a continuous learning curve.

Your role is varied and covers a broad spectrum, what level of interaction do you have with Penspen colleagues and clients to ensure the smooth running of projects?

The Legal Team tends to be involved in all aspects of the business and so will have wide-ranging interactions with all stakeholders from customers to employees and suppliers to shareholders. There is also a degree of being an observer and advising on issues that may not be contractual or putting in place mitigating actions so that issues don’t arise in the future.

What are your reflections on the ever-changing energy industry?

You have to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Whilst this can at times be extremely challenging, for me, it is what makes the job interesting. Working in a complex industry which is evolving means that the variety of work and legal and business challenges is never dull. The use of technology and data digitalisation (such as THEIA) has also changed the way businesses operate and has an impact on the legal needs.

Finally, if you must pick, what is the most interesting part of your role?

No day is the same and so it is the variety of work, pace of the business needs and diversity of the colleagues I work with that is the most interesting part of the role. Being part of the business means that you go beyond the role of trusted advisor, and in addition to this, are required to be flexible and creative when giving advice (within legal boundaries!). I am also able to collaborate with other colleagues and functions to find the right conclusion for the business and very much enjoy being part of the team.

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