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Unlocking Pipeline Potential – Highlights from IPC 2022

The International Pipeline Conference (IPC), a non-profit conference to support educational pipeline initiatives and research, saw international industry members gather in Calgary this past September to support the advancement of pipeline knowledge and expertise.  

Penspen’s Asset Integrity Manager shares a summary of the highlights from the conference below. 

Top 3 Topics

IPC showcased a range of excellent technical papers written and presented by several pipeline experts. The top 3 topics discussed included: 

  • Inspection & Assessment Development – The development of current inspection technologies for pipelines (pigging solutions, direct assessments etc), the advancement in assessment methodologies and the management of geohazards. These sub-topics were all classed under the subject of ‘Overall Pipeline Safety and Reliability’ 
  • Focusing on Emerging Fuels – The development of current and potential fuels in the future. Pipeline repurposing challenges for developments in fuel was also a part of the discussion, detailing the potential challenges posed when utilising new and emerging fuels. 
  • QRA – The development of Quantitative Risk Analysis models for H2 & CO2 pipelines was another prevalent topic and provided insight into the methods of reducing the risks associated with current pipelines. 

Conference Summary

  • Overall, the conference provided excellent networking sessions that allowed valued topics to be shared amongst pipeline operators, industry experts and colleagues alike.
  • Based on the information and knowledge shared during the conference, the consensus is that the pipeline industry will be facing a big challenge ahead, due to the ageing infrastructure. These challenges will need to be met, to adapt to future energy transportation requirements.
  • Extensive work has been ongoing to prepare for the energy transition, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the pipeline industry will play a big part in the solution to a successful energy transition, particularly when looking at the repurposing of the pipeline networks.
  • Leading pipeline industry experts, including Penspen, are currently developing models and methodologies to ensure that the future pipeline networks are safe and reliable and that the networks comply with future energy transportation demands to help accelerate the hydrogen economy. 

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