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Managing Risk with National Grid Metering

As a service partner to our client, National Grid Metering (NGM), we help to optimise and protect their assets. Safety is our top priority and NGM share this ethos.

On a recent site visit to the Ford Motor Company in Dagenham, NGM discovered metal loss under a pipe support on a seam weld. In order to safely and responsibly overcome the challenge this presented, NGM called in our team to help replace a section of the 39m area of pipe. 

We were able to cut the 24” diameter pipe into smaller sections, which were then lifted out by crane and transported away from the site. 

These were then replaced by 6 new 12” sections of pipe, which were then connected together to restore the gas supply to Ford Motor Company. 

By replacing these sections of the pipe, both the Penspen and NGM teams have been able to ensure the HP asset remains safe, reliable and efficient. 

One of NGM’s Senior Integrity Engineers:

When we started work at Ford in 2019 the site looked in need of some TLC, the work that our service partners have carried out have helped to reduce the risk to us and to extend the life of this asset for Ford’s continued gas requirements for many years to come.

Well done and thank you to the entire team who worked on this job for your hard work.

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