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Pipeline Technology Conference 2024 in Review

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The flagship European conference & exhibition for the international pipeline industry took place in Berlin on the 8th-11th April 2024 and saw pipeline and distribution network operators from all over the world participate in the Pipeline Technology Conference to learn more about the latest developments in the pipeline industry.

Digital Solutions Leading the Advancement of the Pipeline Industry
Digitalisation of pipeline data emerged as a focal point at the conference, sparking discussions on the transformative potential it holds for the pipeline industry.

Leading experts in the pipeline sector, such as Penspen, were able to demonstrate how we have developed innovative solutions and methodologies for integrity management and how by combining in-depth engineering expertise with digitalisation, we can ensure the safety, reliability, and compliance of future pipeline networks.

Team Penspen were able to provide numerous demonstrations of THEIA, our new digital solution for effective pipeline integrity management and showcase how, with THEIA, centralising, visualising, and analysing pipeline data can be made easy and empower engineering teams to make swift and informed decisions about their critical energy assets.

Hydrogen at a Crossroad: Navigating its Role in the Energy Transition
Decarbonising the energy sector is crucial for a sustainable future, and the industry is evolving rapidly to meet this challenge. Hydrogen is increasingly recognised as a key player in this transition, with its potential to decarbonise many industries. At Penspen, we understand the importance of hydrogen in this shift, as shown by our work in helping clients repurpose their natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen use.

However, despite the general consensus around the positive impact Hydrogen will bring, there are concerns about its impact on pipeline integrity. The conference highlighted ongoing uncertainty about how hydrogen may affect pipeline defects and associated risks, prompting further research and exploration in this area.

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Risk Assessment of Hydrogen and Natural Gas Pipelines

Jack Rowell, Integrity Engineer for Europe, presented a paper on addressing the adaptation of Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) methods for natural gas pipelines to evaluate the conveyance of hydrogen or hydrogen-natural gas mixtures.

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Assessment of Blending Hydrogen Directly into a Transmission Pipeline

Nigel Curson, EVP of Technical Excellence at Penspen presented a paper that explored blending hydrogen into existing gas pipelines for emission reduction, examining practical implementation methods and material compatibility challenges.

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Use of Machine Learning for Pipeline Performance Assessment

Nigel Curson, EVP of Technical Excellence at Penspen presented a paper on a novel use of machine learning to optimise oilfield water flood systems, identifying constraints and quantifying performance improvements with high accuracy, surpassing traditional methods.


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Make Data Matter

The digitalisation of the energy industry offers the progression and innovation required to reduce uncertainty, help minimise unforeseen failures, and provide operators with maximised pipeline performance.

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