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Managing Aviation with THEIA

Penspen’s Pipeline Integrity Management Solution, THEIA, offers a wide range of modules to help engineers track the integrity of their assets, and better mitigate the threats of defects and corrosion. 

For aviation, it is no different. Aviation fuel networks run the risk of Microbial Corrosion (MIC) due to the type of fuel that runs through the system, and they require constant vigilance in maintaining the health of the network to ensure there is no damage or defects inflicted.

Aviation Fuels & THEIA

Managing a pipeline network requires oversight of multiple assets and an understanding of when the integrity of each asset is threatened. Aviation networks require both storage and pipelines, which can both be susceptible to corrosion due to the fuels that are being stored and transported.

THEIA offers modules designed to help engineers utilise data sets to calculate the time to the asset’s first repair stage. The ‘Corrosion Features’ module can allow engineers to make predictions using the chemical compositions of the liquid flowing through the asset and collate measurements and information to produce a clearer situation of the asset’s health


THEIA’s e-Learning Module

The experience and knowledge of pipeline integrity within Penspen is industry recognised. In addition to performing first-class integrity assessments for operators around the world, THEIA also has the capability to help new and more experienced integrity engineers who want to refresh on specific aspects of integrity relevant to their requirements.

Aviation fuels differ from standard jet fuel as they are enhanced specifically to meet certain performance requirements. Corrosions can occur inside and outside of an aviation pipeline network, resulting in threatened integrity of the managed asset. THEIA’s e-Learning Module provides specific materials and information on Defect Assessment, Pipeline Materials, and Risk Calculation to help engineers better understand how to mitigate the possibility of their assets suffering from defects and corrosion.

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