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PDAM Made Digital With THEIA

Developed as a tool to assist pipeline engineers in maintaining pipeline integrity, the Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual (PDAM) presents available methods for the assessment of pipeline defects in an effortless way. THEIA, Penspen’s Pipeline Integrity Management Solution, now includes the entire PDAM manual, offering fully validated PDAM calculators with easy-to-use search functions and references. 


The new PDAM module within THEIA brings remarkable value to pipeline engineers at all levels: 

  • Controlled Calculations – providing controlled and validated calculations that reduce the risk of human error. As a result, projects can be delivered with maximum efficiency and accuracy  
  • Easy Data Management – enabling reporting flexibility with cleaner and clearer data assessment. Reports can be exported or printed for use in analysis to improve data validation.  
  • Improved Decision-Making – streamlining of the integrity management process reduces decision-making time and enhances project performance. 
  • Ease of Use – breaking down and segmenting each section of the manual within THEIA’s module. This allows engineers to work smarter and faster in THEIA, accelerating their progress. 

PDAM in combination with THEIA keeps members fully up to date with the latest industry standards, technologies and best practices. 

Whether you are an existing PDAM member or interested in becoming one, get in touch to explore all the benefits:

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