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Penspen to Deliver Next-Generation Engineering Project for Petrozim

Engineering and procurement expertise will enhance operational efficiency and pipeline management capabilities.

We have been awarded a 10 month engineering contract from national oil company Petrozim Line Ltd to deliver a next-generation engineering project for the Feruka-Harare pipeline in Zimbabwe.  

Designed to enhance operational efficiency, the contract will see Penspen support Petrozim on their mission to achieve maximal capacity to meet increasing petroleum products demand. 

“This contract award is a testament to Penspen’s strong reputation and experience in Africa and we look forward to working with Petrozim on this exciting project”, said Neale Carter, Penspen Executive Vice President for the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Regions. “Penspen’s scope of work included in the project award demonstrates our range of capabilities in the region and beyond, as a leading provider of engineering services to the energy industry.” 

Originally designed by Penspen and constructed under its supervision, the 208km long Feruka-Harare pipeline network will undergo operational modifications to ensure its transfer ability to meet the increased demand of petroleum products such as diesel and gasoline. Penspen will deliver detailed engineering and procurement support services for the multi-product pipeline project, including the establishment of a ‘series pumping’ operation, as well as a range of key project components at different sites across the region.  

The exercise includes two new mainline pump-sets (pump, motor and variable speed drive packages), piping modifications for the connection of new mainline pump-sets and two new power transformers to supply the new mainline pump-sets. Additionally, Penspen will oversee piping, instrumentation and metering skid modifications as part of the project. Electrical switchgear, transformers, switchboard, distribution board and a stand-by diesel generator with weatherproof enclosure and diesel tank will also be supplied as part of the contract award. 

Penspen has been providing engineering service support to Petrozim for over 20 years and in 2012 completed the FEED, which increased the capacity of the pipeline and the Harare storage facility. 



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