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Penspen celebrates outstanding safety record in Khafji

This summer, Penspen’s Khafji Joint Operations project for Saudi Aramco and Kuwait Oil Company reached a significant milestone celebrating 3 million hours without lost time injury by personnel from the DAR/Penspen joint venture. With over 250 staff working on this project, significant time and effort is expended to ensure the safety of everyone visiting or working at the client site.

“This is a tremendous achievement of which the team at Khafji should be very proud,” said Peter O’Sullivan, CEO. “Our highest priority when we work in the office or on site is the safety of our employees and the people they work with. Our health and safety policies and systems are designed to support this objective. By achieving such a significant milestone it is clear that the team at Khafji have embedded these within their working culture which we should all share as our ultimate goal. Congratulations to all of our people in Khafji who are making this happen!”

Since the initial 6 year contract award in 2005 by Al Khafji Joint Operations (KJO, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Kuwait Oil Company), this Dar Al Handasah/Penspen Joint Venture has continued to offer exceptional service to the client resulting in the subsequent award of another 5 year contract in 2011. Throughout this time, Penspen has managed the successful completion of several large scale projects, including offshore platform and pipeline installation, onshore oil and gas and water treatment facilities, and work extending to all areas of the Khafj operation, located in northern Saudi Arabia on the border with Kuwait.

By delivering high calibre engineering expertise and HSE performance, both in dedicated project teams and the Project Support Core Team, Penspen has established a solid reputation within KJO for offering reliable Project Management, Project Execution and Project Control services and these have contributed to the success of KJO projects.

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