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Penspen and Pipelinelogic Partnership Aims to Enhance Asset Integrity to Meet Mega Rule Compliance

An image of Brian Ellis and Brandon Alexander.Penspen, a leading global energy consultancy dedicated to improving access to sustainable energy for communities worldwide, has announced a strategic partnership with asset integrity services specialist pipelinelogic to support pipeline operators in North America enhance their integrity management programs and prepare for the energy transition while adhering to existing and upcoming regulatory requirements – including the gas Mega Rule.

With a regional headquarters in Houston, Texas, Penspen is a global energy consultancy with over 1,100 employees operating in key regions across the world. The company has over 70 years’ experience and specialises in consulting, project, and engineering solutions across the entire energy project lifecycle.

Meanwhile, Colorado-based pipelinelogic specialises in the design, implementation, and optimisation of pipeline integrity management programs, providing high quality data with practical tools, thorough knowledge of regulatory compliance issues, and a deep understanding of integrity engineering.

The two companies aim to revolutionise the pipeline integrity management landscape in North America.

Brandon Alexander, Penspen’s North America Director said: “The partnership of Penspen and pipelinelogic brings together global expertise and local delivery to provide industry-leading asset integrity services that leverage digital pipeline management solutions, supporting operators as they prepare for upcoming enforcement of key industry regulations.”

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) introduced the Gas Mega Rule in 2020, which aims to improve pipeline safety and reduce the frequency of natural gas pipeline failures. 100% compliance must be achieved by 2035, so operators must understand the impact of these regulations on their operations and take the necessary steps to comply.

Brian Ellis, President at pipelinelogic commented: “Compliance with industry regulations is not only a regulatory and legal requirement but also a moral obligation for pipeline operators to maintain the social contract to safely operate pipelines that deliver energy to global communities daily.

“Operators in North America face an upcoming deadline in 2035 to achieve compliance with the regulations as outlined in the Mega Rule. The strategic partnership between Penspen and pipelinelogic will provide these operators with the pipeline integrity management solutions required to ensure the integrity and safety of their onshore steel transmission pipelines, mitigating risks and maintaining regulatory compliance.”

Digital platform provides real-time data to enable decision-making and risk mitigation

The Mega Rule regulation states operators must have traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC) pipeline records, confirm the Maximum Acceptable Operating Pressure (MAOP) for the pipeline, and have plans in place to regularly assess Moderate Consequence Areas (MCAs).

By integrating material data, inline inspection results, weld and seam type information, along with geographic data, Penspen’s digital pipeline integrity management system, THEIA, streamlines compliance processes, enhances analytical capabilities, and ensures the safety and reliability of transmission pipelines.

Mr Alexander added: “Managing vast amounts of data related to regulatory compliance, conducting regular inspections, and ensuring timely reporting adds another layer of complexity to compliance efforts. Failure to comply with regulations can result in severe consequences, including fines, legal liabilities, and reputational damage.

“THEIA centralises critical asset information in one powerful tool, providing operators with the real-time data to effectively mitigate risks, prevent regulatory penalties, and maintain the integrity of pipeline assets in accordance with regulatory standards.

Mr Ellis added: “Our combined capabilities, integrating complex engineering principles with innovative digital solutions, enable Penspen and pipelinelogic to deliver top-tier holistic pipeline integrity management solutions to our valued clients in North America.”

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