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Q: How do I install the PlusOne software?+

A: Full installation instructions for all versions are available on the download page.

Q: How is the software activated?+

A: After you have emailed your lock code to the PlusOne help desk, we will create the appropriate license file and email it back to you. You would then run PlusOne and install the license file by following the instructions for your type of installation.

Q: How do I convert from a standalone to a network licence?+

A: You will receive a discount on the upgrade if you are already in possession of a standalone licence. Please contact usĀ and ask for a quotation and further details.

Q: How do I increase the number of modules I own, is there a discount?+

A: Please contact usĀ stating which modules you currently own and the additional modules you require. We will provide you with a quotation.

Q: How long is the validity of my license?+

A: Your license is perpetual.

Q: How do I contact Penspen for help and assistance on PlusOne?+