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High Pressure Gas Transmission Systems: Foundation

Course Overview

This five day intensive course provides gas industry pressure control foundation training for managers, engineers and technicians. It includes a combination of classroom and practical tuition for personnel working in power generation, industry and gas supply.

The programme aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the standards and regulations that govern the industry, in particular the safety issues. The design and build of gas transmission systems is covered from both a theoretical and practical aspect. Typical equipment from the various processes is studied and operated.

Hands-on experience is gained in the isolation, maintenance and operation of gas transmission systems. Training is provided in a controlled environment, avoiding operational disruption.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, by means of classroom sessions and practical workshops, delegates will:

  • Understand the structure of the UK gas industry, the operating standards and the legislation that impacts upon owners and operators of gas pipelines and assets;
  • Recognise safe working practices when working in hazardous areas including site entry, safe use of electrical equipment and emergency/evacuation procedures;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the standards to which fuel gas supply systems are designed, in particular, pipelines and pressure regulating equipment;
  • Understand the advantages of the various maintenance philosophies available as applied to gas supply pipelines and associated plant;
  • Be able to safely isolate, vent and purge a section of gas pipeline and plant in line with industry best practice.

Who Should Attend

Managers, engineers and technicians involved with gas systems above 7 bar.

Course Content

Industry overview, legislation, codes and standards

  • UK gas industry overview;
  • Legislation and its impact on the gas industry;
  • Codes and standards for designing, building and operating high pressure gas equipment;
  • Safety documents and best practice.

 Safe working practices

  • Safety, hazardous areas and equipment assessment;
  • How they are derived and their implications;
  • Zoning and equipment;
  • Permitry, site entry procedures;
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures;
  • Safe plant isolation, purge and vent;
  • Gas sampling.

System design

  • Gas laws;
  • Overview of underground pipe system, design, integrity and causes of failure;
  • Selection and build of entire fuel gas systems;
  • Build and isolation of gas transmission equipment;
  • Pressure regulating and control valves;
  • Isolation using plug valves;
  • Venting ball valves;
  • Shutdowns, pipeline testing and corrosion protection;
  • Gas regulating equipment;
  • Filtration, dilution purge and trapped gas, flow regulating valves;
  • Gas metering, gas instrumentation and control systems.

Operations and maintenance

  • Maintenance regimes and philosophies including gas regulating equipment;
  • Pipelines and on-line inspection;
  • Planning, procedures, documentation systems;
  • Specifying maintenance schedules;
  • Skid units;
  • Diagnostic checks.


Accommodation can be arranged at a local hotel for a special discounted rate exclusive to Penspen.


Penspen has one of the best equipped facilities in the UK for training on high pressure gas at a purpose-built centre in South Wales. The building includes a classroom with modern presentation equipment, a large workshop with several high pressure skid units and bays with distribution regulator sets.

Course Dates

8th-12th February 2021

W/C 22nd-26th March 2021

W/C 7th-11th June 2021

W/C 12th-16th July 2021

W/C 11th-15th October 2021

W/C 22nd-26th November 2021

Please note, Penspen are also able to provide a Governor Appreciation course on these dates as part of this course.


To register your interest contact the Learning Services training team.