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2019 Annual Technical Integrity Assessment Reports




Offshore Operator

  • Offshore
  • Integrity critical elements review
  • Start-up operations review
  • Emergency response review
  • Incident investigations review
  • Survey reports review
  • Oil export pipeline pigging activities review


To provide an Annual Technical Integrity Assessment (TIA) report covering the year 2019 operations and integrity management on pipelines.


  • Review of start-up operations data (pressure/temperature) against Safe Operating Limits (SOLs);
  • Review management of Integrity Critical Elements (ICEs), such as Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESDVs), including leak tests and closure tests of ESDVs;
  • Review of riser system survey reports, infield pipelines and export pipeline survey, inspection and maintenance activities for each pipeline element topsides (at floating production facility) and subsea structures, e.g. umbilicals, manifolds, spools etc. from last flange on each well Christmas tree;
  • Review of oil export pipeline pigging activities and results;
  • Review studies, Emergency Response (ER) exercises, incident investigation reports and all other pipeline integrity activities.


The inspection and maintenance activities carried out in 2019 were reviewed and analysed along with the associated operations data and reports.


The conclusion and recommendations were made after thorough review of relevant inspection, maintenance, operations, testing and repair data provided for production, gas lift, oil export and gas export pipelines.