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Abu Dhabi crude oil pipeline detailed design and engineering




China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation for International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC)

  • Detailed Design
  • Engineering
  • Project Management


To undertake the detailed design and engineering of a major crude oil transportation, storage and export facility to provide a point of delivery for Abu Dhabi’s crude oil production outside the strategically sensitive Straits of Hormuz.


  • FEED Review and Endorsement
  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Project and Construction Management Assistance
  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Start-Up and Commissioning Assistance


We established a multi-disciplinary task force within a project office, dedicated to the task of delivering the engineering in line with Contractor’s program requirements.


We ensured the smooth and efficient delivery of all engineering deliverables associated with a 48” diameter buried and welded steel pipeline. This included the safe and effective design and engineering of some 380 kilometres of crude oil pipeline from the Western Region of Abu Dhabi to the Gulf Oman, as well as two multi megawatt crude oil pumping stations, an eight million barrel storage facility, and various submarine export pipelines and offshore vessel loading facilities.