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Brae B, CCS Project


Miller to St Fergus


Marathon Oil UK (MOUK)

  • Fitness for service
  • Fracture control


Marathon Oil UK (MOUK) developed a submission as a part of the UK government’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) funding competition.


  • Preparatory work at St Fergus
  • Reinstatement cost of the 30-inch pipeline
  • Determine fitness for service for continued operation with CO2
  • Determining minimum toughness requirements to ensure that the line pipe steel has sufficient toughness to arrest a propagating ductile fracture


Penspen assisted MOUK in pipeline engineering aspects of the submission, including fracture control requirements of the 16” pipeline when transporting dense phase CO2. A carbon dioxide mixture was taken as a binary mixture in this assessment (approximately 99.5% carbon dioxide and 0.5% nitrogen).


When connected to the existing Miller to St Fergus 30” diameter gas pipeline, the existing Brae B to Miller 16” diameter gas pipeline will permit the transport of dense phase CO2 from St Fergus to Brae B. Here it will be sequestered within the Brae reservoir.