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Corrosion Risk Assessment Study for a Middle Eastern Refinery

Corrosion Risk Assessment Study (CRAS) for a Middle Eastern Refinery.


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Project Background

The client, a National Oil Company (NOC), in the Middle East conducted a risk study that revealed a major risk in case of unavailability of products due to any disruption to the pipeline terminal or the existing pipelines in the network.

To mitigate this risk, the refinery division of the NOC planned the construction of a storage terminal with storage and transfer facilities of multi-products. The Depot will be backup storage with different modes of product receipt and supply. The depot was intended to supply aviation fuel to two of the busiest airports as well as gasoil to a major power station in its country of origin via its pipeline system.

Additionally, a new liquefied petroleum gas pipeline (LPG) was planned between the refinery an existing depot in order to avoid the risks arising from road transportation. Penspen was contracted by client to carry out the corrosion risk assessment study for the project facilities.

The objective was:

– To carry out a corrosion risk assessment of the pipeline and associated facilities for risk ranking and contingency plan.

– Review material selection of the pipeline and facilities.

– Provide recommendations related to corrosion monitoring and mitigation for pipelines and associated facilities.

Services Provided

Penspen reviewed the material selection for pipelines, equipment, storage facilities and piping and provided recommendations for optimising the material selection based on a cost benefit analysis. Based on the CRAS study, Penspen provided recommendations on the corrosion control and monitoring methods to ensure the risk at the ALARP level for the intended service life.

Result & Value

Penspen’s expertise in pipelines and materials and corrosion including aviation pipeline operation proved invaluable for the client, alongside Penspen’s wordwide expertise in corrosion management and experienced consultants across the Middle East and United Kingdom were utilised in this project to provide the requested services and solutions successfully for the client.

As a result, Penspen successfully ensure the continued integrity and safe operation of the clients refinery assets, that supplies one of the busiest airports and major power stations in the Middle East via its pipeline system to ensure the ALARP level for the intended service life.

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