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Database Management and Baseline Integrity Assessment


Middle East


Onshore Operator

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The client is engaged in the extraction of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) from associated and natural gas, and operates an extensive newly comissioned pipeline network in the Middle East.

As part of the PIMS implementation, the client contacted Penspen to develop pipeline handbooks for data management and perform a baseline integrity assessment following a series of recent inline inspections performed for the newly commissioned pipelines in order to perform an integrity status check.


The scope of this project was to perform database management and baseline integrity assessment, to:

  • Develop pipelines handbooks and historical summary reports for the pipelines
  • Ensure documents are in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the PIMS manual
  • Review and update of the existing handbooks and historical summary reports
  • Identify the integrity status of each pipeline
  • Utilise the industry-recognised PDAM engineering manual to ensure optimal operational integrity
  • Assess defects in line with industry codes inclusive


As a result of the Database Management work, the client is now is able to maintain and remain updated with the pipeline handbooks and the historical summary of all the pipelines, including:

  • ILI history
  • ┬áRepairs
  • Corrosion
  • Growth rate
  • CP details
  • Operational history
  • Third-party incident reports
  • Process and product analysis summary

The results of the Baseline Integrity Assessment allowed the client to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the current integrity status of the pipelines
  • Knowledge of the safe working pressure for all the pipelines
  • Ensure operational integrity based on the findings reported by the recently performed ILI campaigns
  • Exercise resource optimisation based on the results of the future integrity assessment
  • Identifying the anomaly growth based on the corrosion rate assessment and therefore, highlighting deterministic remnant life

Additionally, Penspen delivered a technical integrity status report for each pipeline detailing the integrity status, current risk level, and inspection/maintenance plans for each pipeline within the scope of work.

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