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Digital Risk Study for a Pipeline System


South America


Oil & Gas Company

  • Onshore
  • Corrosion Growth Rate Calculations
  • Data Management
  • Risk Study Assessments
  • Integrity Assessments


A pipeline system sits within the Amazonas jungle, compromised of a 1,106-kilometre main pipeline which is connected to different branches of the system. Its function is to transport oil from the Amazonas jungle over the Andes mountains to the north coast of Peru.


Integrity assessments were conducted and the results were utilised as input to the update for the pipeline’s risk study. THEIA, Penspen’s Pipeline Integrity Solution, was implemented to the client as a service to help restore the pipeline’s integrity. Using THEIA, Penspen: 

  • Correctly managed and assessed the vast volume of data on the pipeline (reports documenting over 1,000,000 features on the pipeline)
  • Tracked the previous in-line inspections performed on the pipeline, and the corresponding reports. 
  • Estimated the corrosion growth rate (CGR) for the pipeline’s sections using THEIA’s modules, Welding Correlation, Matching Features & CGR
  • Calculated the safe working pressures of the anomalies using the Mod ASME B31G & Kastner module, and estimated remnant life based on the CGR results. 


THEIA proved to be an invaluable tool, processing all the information records efficiently and easily for the client to refer to.

The condition of the pipeline was analysed efficiently due to the statistics on the In-Line Inspection data provided. Mapping visualisations from the THEIA modules supported the client in the decision-making process related to the maintenance actions. 

In addition, the client was able to store information on the pipeline (such has the ILI records, construction & operating details) in one centralised location, the document repository, providing them with easy access to relevant data, and greatly reducing the risk of using incorrect data for future integrity management. The client’s requirements were met and the deadlines were achieved.

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