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Government pipeline and storage system



  • Fuel Transportation
  • QHSE Management
  • Project Management
  • Operations and Maintenance


To provide safe, efficient and cost-effective operations and maintenance for nine top tier COMAH bulk petroleum storage sites with a combined storage capacity of 476,000m3.

To provide multiple lower tier COMAH sites with excess of 1,000km of multi -products pipeline forming a major hydrocarbon supply network around the United Kingdom owned by the Ministry of Defence.


  • Provision of receipts of fuel from refineries, via ship and pipeline, as well as associated storage, testing and quality control requirements.
  • Provision of fuel supplies to end-users, via road or rail loading or pipelines, to receipt facilities at military and commercial airfields, including Stansted and Manchester Airports totalling 633,00m3 annually.
  • Management of all procedures and activities relating to fuel quality, security, asset integrity and health and safety as well as managing 3rd party interventions and emergency response.
  • The introduction of a computerised maintenance management system. Additional provision of project management and engineering functions to support the client.


Provision of a structured, competent flexible management team leading nationally distributed resources, working in partnership with the client, suppliers, customers, legislators, competent authority and other stakeholders.


Over a decade of successful product receipt, storage and delivery combined with increased asset integrity and availability.