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Integrity Assessment of a 12” Pipeline




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The 12″ pipeline runs refined product in the terminal. The pipeline is 1.123 km long, predominantly manufactured from ERW pipe, with a predominant wall thickness of 7.11 mm.

The objective of the proposed study is to provide an integrity assessment of the pipeline.


In-Line Inspection (ILI) of the pipeline was recently carried out. A pipeline integrity assessment is to be carried out based on the ILI results. Previous ILI results also will be used for the assessment. The scope includes assessment of reported pipeline anomalies, a repair schedule that spans beyond the next scheduled ILI and provides recommendations to ensure the continued safe operation of the asset.


Penspen carried out the assessment using well established and verified methodologies. The software used for calculation of current and future integrity of the pipeline were developed in-house and have been validated against industrial guidance.


Penspen defined the regime of operational actions, routine surveys,  including ILI and integrity assessments which will provide the operator with an up-to-date vision of the current pipeline condition and an understanding of how to ensure continued integrity into the future. Penspen has also made it clear that routine in-line inspection followed by an immediate integrity assessment would provide the operator up-to-date vision of the pipeline condition.