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Life Extension Study of a Pipeline System


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  • Asset Integrity
  • Asset Life Extension
  • Remnant Life
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management


The client operates a pipeline system running from a gas separator plant to a power plant. The pipeline has been in service since 1990 and has exceeded its original design life by 20 years. The client considered the general condition of the pipeline to be good, and the intended business plan required the pipeline to remain in operation.


The primary objective of the study was to ensure that by extending the life of the pipeline to 40 years, the risk of operating was understood and managed properly. This included the need to determine remnant life of the pipeline and recommendation of appropriate repair or rehabilitation to ensure reliable gas supply.

In order to undertake the required study, Penspen’s team carried out:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Current Integrity
  • Corrosion Review
  • Safe Working Pressure
  • Future Integrity and Life Extension
  • Key Recommendations

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