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Detailed Engineering for a Middle Eastern Water Injection Recovery Project

Accelerating Project Success in Upgrading Clusters and Rerouting Water Injection Lines.


Abu Dhabi


National Oil Company

  • Onshore
  • Detailed Engineering
  • In-Line Inspections
  • Technical Documentation and Review

Project Background

The client, a national oil company, aimed to enhance operations across seven selected clusters by seeking to upgrade their Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) wells with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) power skids, while also optimising resource utilisation through exploring options to reroute three new water injection lines from the southern to the northern area of their operations.

Services Provided

To meet the client’s objectives within a tight timeline, our experts adopted a proactive approach, prioritising the accelerated delivery of critical design and Long Lead Items (LLIs). Our team of engineers handled the efficient submission and approval of Project Engineering deliverables, ensuring seamless coordination with the EPC Contractor to procure materials in precise alignment with the project schedule.

Furthermore, as design was critical, Penspen’s principal and lead engineers were majorly involved in the Process, Pipeline, Piping, instrumentation, and Electrical disciplines, to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to the project.

Result & Value

Given the fast-track nature of the project, the swift execution of Engineering and Procurement actions was paramount to its success. Team Penspen provided meticulous Engineering services that not only met but exceeded client specifications and industry standards. Our experts facilitated the selection of vendors for key project materials through rigorous technical bid evaluations and vendor document reviews to secure the most suitable partners for key project materials.

By supporting the client with the upgrade to VSD power skids for ESP wells, operational efficiency and reliability in oil extraction processes will be enhanced. The adoption of this advanced technology empowers the client with greater control over production rates, by mitigating existing shortfalls in water injection demand versus available system capability.

Additionally, the rerouting of water injection lines from the southern to the northern area strategically optimises resource utilisation and helps to maintain the maintain North/South water injection balance. By redistributing water resources to areas of higher demand, this efficient allocation enhances overall production performance while simultaneously minimising wastage for the client.

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