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Technical Risk Advisory on the Mega Rule for a Natural Gas Operator in Colombia

Strategic Gap Analysis and Expert Recommendations by Penspen Ensure Compliance with New Regulatory Requirements for Enhanced Pipeline Integrity Management




Natural Gas Operator

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Project Background 

Our client, a major natural gas operator in Colombia, recognised the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding pipeline integrity management and in response to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s new requirements, issued through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)  under what is known as the Mega Rule, sought a comprehensive review to understand the scope and implications of these regulatory changes on its current and future operations. 

The Mega Rule introduces significant changes aimed at enhancing the safety and integrity of pipelines in the United States. The client, aware of these critical updates, aimed to identify any discrepancies between its current practices and the new regulatory standards and provide actionable recommendations to bridge any identified gaps for enhanced pipeline safety and reliability. 

Services Provided 

Penspen, a leading global energy consultancy company with extensive experience in audits, gap analysis projects, and the implementation of Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS), was awarded to oversee the project.  Penspen’s Latin American team conducted a meticulous gap analysis, which compared our client’s existing integrity management processes against the new requirements stipulated by the Mega Rule. 

Our integrity experts also reviewed relevant publications, identified modifications to Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 192 and 195, and conducted a detailed comparative analysis. Structured interviews with the client’s integrity management team were conducted to assess compliance levels and identify gaps. Review audits highlighted areas needing improvement, and actionable recommendations were provided for short and medium-term compliance.  

Result & Value 

Upon successful completion of the project, the client was provided with a detailed identification of gaps and strategic recommendations. This also led to a presentation at a major industry conference in Colombia, showcasing the value Penspen had delivered to the client.  

The Mega Rule’s new requirements for pipeline integrity management aim to prevent loss of containment incidents and are strictly enforced for U.S. operators. By adopting these requirements, our client demonstrates its commitment to asset safety and public safety. Addressing identified gaps will enhance pipeline information, integrate Moderate Consequence Areas (MCA) into the integrity management system, and ultimately increase operational safety, reducing potential impacts on nearby communities.