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Integrity Management Services for an Oil Field


Middle East


Oil Provider

  • Offshore
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Structural Integrity Management
  • Defect Mitigation
  • Asset Integrity


An established oil provider based in the UAE faces maturing assets in an oil field which help transport and store the oil, resulting in a compromise to their system’s asset integrity through defects and prolonged corrosion. Penspen were contracted to establish a sound structural and pipeline integrity management plan to manage the operational ability of the maturing assets, and mitigate any current and future defects


Penspen offered a two-tiered approach for the system’s integrity:

  • A proposed structural integrity management system;
  • A proposed pipeline integrity management system.

An assessment of the client’s current SIMS and PIMS arrangements was conducted as well as the development of requirements, in order for Penspen to establish good industry practices for structural and pipeline integrity management.


Penspen were able to deliver a solid framework that:

  • proactively and consistently managed the integrity of their structures and pipelines
  • prevented the threat of any corrosion/defects
  • assessed the operational ability of the assets and provided an integrity plan to follow for future reference

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