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Pickering Well technical guidance


Third Energy UK Gas Limited

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • HSE Guidance
  • Emergency Response


To provide urgent quality assured technical guidance and field engineering services following the shutdown of a 6” sour gas high pressure pipeline due to a through the wall corrosion defect.


  • HSE guidance and in field supervision of contractors
  • Replacement line-pipe selection (sour gas service)
  • Technical specifications; incl hydro-test requirements
  • Senior Pipeline Inspector/Welding Engineer duties (WPS/WQR acceptance)
  • Permanent field repair tie-in welding; pre-tested pipe and “Golden Welds”.


  • Identification of critical tasks supported with a schedule that encompassed tight deadlines to maximise asset availability.
  • Confirmation and acceptance of replacement line pipe, welding and inspection requirements verified through Penspen Welding Engineer.
  • Technical requirements for hydro-testing and “Golden Welds” confirmed by the integrity team.
  • Provision of Health, Safety & Environmental guidance throughout, including the provision of in field supervision of all approved contractors that were involved in the excavation of the defect and subsequent pipeline repairs.


Repair turn around timescales were significantly reduced thereby increasing client asset availability. A quality assured repair was delivered enabling the client to demonstrate due diligence to the standards expected by the Health & Safety Executive client stakeholders.