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Project Management Services, Middle Eastern Oil Fields


Saudi Arabia

  • Project Management
  • Project Management Services
  • Project Controls
  • Specialist Engineering Support


A joint venture between a major National Oil Company and a Governmental Body


Located offshore and onshore in the formally neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the facility produces crude oil and associated gas for export. The facility had been operating for 40 years with limited maintenance and was suffering from increasing water cut. Field output enhancements were sought to maintain the offshore production and onshore processing and export rate of 350,000 BOPD and to capture associated gas in an effort to move towards zero flaring and to export the recovered gas.


  • Project Management Services (PMS) covering the management and supervision of all FEED and EPC implementation projects, including offshore field development, offshore brownfield modifications, onshore brown field and greenfield plant works, plus utility works (desalination, power plants etc)
  • Administrative (secretarial and support) and project controls (contracts, planning and document control) services to management and the full range of projects
  • Core engineering function for review of pre FEED Design Basis Scoping Papers, for FEED supervision and for EPC stage engineering specialist support

Scope of Work

A multi-disciplinary task force was set up in 2005 to interface with client management and to provide individual project management teams. This project organisation has grown over the period of the services, which were rebid in 2011 and now continue to 2016, providing almost 300 personnel, including managers, specialist design, and construction engineers and supported by safety, project controls, and administrative personnel. Project and construction management has been undertaken in Saudi Arabia and personnel have worked in FEED and EPC design locations covering Europe, Middle East, India, and Australia.


The PMS teams have provided a service structure finely tuned to the client’s management culture, allowing close co-ordination with project management and flexibility in resourcing in line with its requirements. Additionally, this facilitated the development of world-class facilities in the region, while adhering to the utmost standards of safety.

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