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QRA for High Pressure Gas Pipelines




Onshore Operator

  • Onshore
  • Risk Assessment
  • Failure frequency prediction
  • Consequence analysis
  • Risk calculation
  • CBA


The objective of the study is to carry out a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for a pipeline that runs across a city centre. The areas of interest are highly populated and the pipeline runs high pressure natural gas.


The QRA will be completed to include: risk assessment, failure frequency prediction, consequence analysis, calculation of safe distances, risk calculation (individual and societal risk), CBA, ALARP assessment and determination of any necessary risk mitigation measures.

The QRA will be completed in accordance with IGEM TD/2 and other applicable guidelines.


Penspen carried out the assessment based on well-established methodologies, which strictly adhered to published industry guidance and codes. Modelling of consequence and risk was conducted using approved in-house software tools. Engineering judgement was also implemented throughout the process and when considering risk mitigation measures.


QRA was completed for the pipeline. The results showed that the risks associated with the pipeline were as low as reasonably practicable, which means no capital expenditure would be required to further reduce the risks.