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Risk-Based Inspection Study of Heritage Assets


United Kingdom


Energy Operating Company

  • Offshore
  • Risk-Based Inspection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Hazard Investigation


After the acquisition of multiple heritage assets, the offshore operator set up existing Risk Assessments and Inspection Schemes (RBIs) to determine the potential for risks using qualitative risk assessment methods and engineering judgment. The operator contracted Penspen to review and update the RBI plans for the heritage pipelines, adopting the semi-quantitative approach used to perform RBI for the client’s existing pipeline.


The scope of this study was to review the existing risk assessments and inspection schedules for the pipelines and update these items, using a risk-based approach, to align the pipeline RBIs across all of the client’s assets. Risk assessments were performed for each pipeline system following Penspen’s PIRBI methodology. The following tasks were undertaken: 

  • Data Compilation and Review 
  • Hazard Identification and Pipeline Segmentation 
  • Probability and Consequence Ranking 
  • Risk Scoring and Generation of Inspection Schedule 
  • RBI presentation and Client workshop (virtual) 
  • Alignment of cross-asset inspection plans 
  • Reporting 


The outcome of the RBI study was a revised inspection plan for the heritage pipeline assets aligned with the inspection activities for the client’s inherited pipelines. The RBI output demonstrated that the interval between some inspection activities could be extended, providing an opportunity for the client to reduce future CAPEX while maintaining an acceptable level of risk.  

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