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Rehabilitating a Gas Network for Hydrogen


Keele, United Kingdom


Hydrogen Electrolyser Company

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An electrolyser, provided by one of the UK’s leading electrolyser providers, was installed at a Keele compound with the objective of demonstrating for the first time that a blend of Hydrogen and natural gas can be distributed and utilised safely & efficiently in the UK distribution network without disruptive changes for consumers. Penspen was contracted to ensure the smooth running of the trial and to flag up any potential problems which could block production.


Penspen partnered with Keele University to troubleshoot the campus network alongside potential optimizations of the hydrogen blend, for which they have an exemption to blend upto 20% hydrogen into the campus network.


The pilot trial of HyDeploy demonstrated the injection of up to 20% (by volume) of hydrogen into the University’s existing natural gas network, feeding 100 homes and 30 faculty buildings. The 20% hydrogen blend is the highest in Europe.

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