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Risk Assessment for A Gas Plant


Middle East


Offshore Gas Operator

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The contracted location serves as a strategic hub for collecting and processing oil and gas produced by an offshore client. Multiple sub-sea pipelines transfer oil and gas between offshore facilities and the processing facilities across the region. 

The process pressure equipment, pipelines, storage tanks, and piping systems at various facilities are aging and pose an integrity concern.  The facilities consist of piping systems, including but not limited to the surface, on racks, buried, insulated, and piping passes through dikes and concrete walls.  

Scope of Work

The objective is to carry out a Fitness for Service (FFS) & Risk Assessment of the piping systems, covering all of the client’s plants through a framework agreement.    

To undertake the required integrity assessment, Penspen’s team of integrity experts will carry out the following services:   

  • Remaining life assessment based on the original design code requirements and the calculated corrosion rate   
  • Fitness for service engineering assessment on the piping systems to determine their continued integrity for current and future service


Penspen will propose remediation measures and recommend in-service monitoring where appropriate. The assessment will include:   

  • Metal loss (general, pitting & localised)   
  • Mechanical damage and deformation (dents and gouges)   
  • Laminations and hydrogen damage (HIC, SOHIC, blisters)   
  • Cracking (fatigue, etc.)   
  • Fire damage
  • Condition risk-based assessment to determine the risk associated with the equipment   

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