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Risk Assessment of Geohazards


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Gas Operator Company

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  • Hazard Investigation


The gas pipeline operator manages a 24-inch Yetagun pipeline that exports gas from the Yetagun field to the Petroleum Authority of Thailand. The company contracted Penspen to carry out the work with the objective of identifying credible geohazards to the pipeline, conducting an associated risk assessment (including a location class study), and identifying what mitigations are required to maintain risks at acceptable levels.


Penspen carried out a desktop study of the geo-hazard risk assessment and location class study and followed it up with a site visit to establish the highest geo-hazard risks to the pipeline.


It was concluded that the landslides possessed the highest risk to the pipeline at certain sections due to hilly and elevated terrain and identified minor urban developments with no location class change. Hence, Penspen recommended that the pipeline displacement should be monitored following the next ILI, as well as any developments of human activities along the route of the pipeline are monitored.

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