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Risk Based Inspection and Integrity Analysis of a Compression Station


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The objective was to inspect pipes, pressure vessels and storage tanks using non-destructive tests, to determine the state of integrity and to establish a maintenance programme by conducting a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) of the compression facility.


Our services included static lines and equipment belonging to the client’s compression station, located in Mexico. We provided:

  • The station’s suction, discharge, by-pass and vent pipes, as well as the pressurisation line of the In-Line Inspection (ILI) receiving and launching tank, fuel gas supply lines, recirculation and venting lines
  • Fire water pumps suction and discharge line, as well as the fire water return line to the storage tank
  • Fire fighting water tank


In order to undertake the required RBI analysis activities, we carried out the following to determine the current condition of the compressor station and generate recommendations to ensure its integrity and reliability:

  • Direct inspection with non-destructive tests of the surface pipe
  • Inspection with guided waves of buried pipe
  • Indirect inspection of the condition of the coating and the degree of protection of the buried pipe
  • Integrity analysis

The scope of the service has not included excavation or removal of the mechanical protection of the pipeline.


The project has successfully contributed to the integrity management of the client facility, which will allow them to comply with national legislation and generate value by maintaining the integrity of the equipment. The key benefits of the project include:

  • Updated risk level
  • Enabled effective maintenance decisions
  • Determined the current state of the mechanical installation
  • Ensured maximum operating conditions and estimated the life of static equipment
  • Optimised inspection resources
  • Maintenance cost reduction and prediction
  • Reduction of the insurance premium, by demonstrating integrity and risk management

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