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Expansion of a Thermoplastic Production Facility


Middle East


Thermoplastic Producer

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  • Cathodic Protection


A major European engineering company has signed three engineering, procurement & construction contracts with a thermoplastics company, detailing a comprehensive expansion project for a thermoplastic complex based within the Middle East. 

The three engineering contracts detail the execution of three packages in total for the expansion project:

  • the “polyolefin units’ package”, which includes two polyethylene units with a capacity of 700,000 tons per year each 
  • 1-hexene unit; the “cross-linkable polyethylene unit package” 
  • the “utilities and offsites package”, which includes the utilities and offsites units for the whole expansion project

Penspen were contracted by the client with providing Pipeline Engineering services to the client under the Offsite & Utilities Packages, in order to expand its polyolefin production facility to meet rising demand, and improve energy security to better serve its local community.  

Scope of Work

Penspen will carry out the detailed engineering services comprising process, pipeline, cathodic protection, instrumentation, and control, electrical, HSE, civil and structural disciplines. 

In addition to the above Penspen has considered the provision of 2 Pipeline Engineers to the client for construction/field engineering support for 2 years and will also provide necessary support related to the pipeline’s scope to obtain design NOCs by a specialist Consultant.

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