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Meet Ali, a Pipeline Technical Authority

Ali is our third character in a series of ‘A Day in the Life of…’ short animations, which have been produced as part of the launch of THEIA. Each animation features a different character and walks you through a typical day in their job role. To bring our characters to life, their names, personalities and looks are based on our engineers.

Penspen’s Production Team 📽️


A Day in the Life of Ali, a Pipeline Technical Authority 


Name: Ali

Job Role: Pipeline Technical Authority

Likes: Classic Cars

Pain Points: Proactively monitor the state of the pipeline network with limited time and resources in house.

Ali understands the importance of ensuring the safety and integrity of his pipelines and the need for getting clear and accurate data so that he and his management team can make important decisions in order to maintain the health of the network.

Ali uses THEIA to help him, his complete integrity management solution.

From data upload to generating the resulting reports takes a matter of minutes, with the alignment and correlation of inspection data from any vendor fully automated and output in a clear and intuitive KPI dashboard customised for his network.

Ali can focus on spending time working on his classic car, confident he has a better insight into the health of his pipelines.