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Meet Jane, a Pipeline Integrity Engineer

Jane is the latest character in the series of ‘A Day in the Life…’ short animation series, which have been produced as an introduction to THEIA. In line with previous animations, our characters are inspired by Penspen’s own first-class Asset Integrity team who, in turn, have influenced and inspired THEIA’s development. Ensuring Penspen remain industry leaders.

Penspen’s Production Team 📽️


A Day in the Life of Jane, A Pipeline Integrity Engineer


Name: Jane

Job Role: Pipeline Integrity Engineer

Likes: Hiking

Pain Points: Jane needs to correlate data on a Pipeline last inspected five years ago. This will take a significant amount of time to review both the new data captured along with the data captured from the previous readings.

Ali, who was a Pipeline Technical Authority in our previous episodes, suggested using THEIA’s data alignment and mapping tool for her complete integrity management solution. Jane now has the capability to show a report with data alignment and mapping, creating an accurate, interactive map showing new data alongside old data.

Jane is now able to leave for her weekend hike, knowing her reports have been delivered on time.