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Meet Mo, a Trainee Pipeline Integrity Engineer

Mo is our fourth character in a series of ‘A Day in the Life of…’ short animations, which have been produced as part of the launch of THEIA. Each animation features a different character and walks you through a typical day in their job role. To bring our characters to life, their names, personalities and looks are based on our engineers.

Penspen’s Production Team 📽️


A Day in the Life of Mo, a Trainee Pipeline Integrity Engineer


Mo-Animation_Headshot_Website-PageName: Mohammod

Job Role: Trainee Pipeline Integrity Engineer

Likes: Running

Pain Points: Developing his experience and knowledge to match the latest integrity standards, and help enhance the competency of his team.

Mo is a new member of an engineering team. He is interested in finding out as much information as he can to improve his integrity knowledge but he is unsure about where to start.

Mo learns that he can turn to THEIA for support, a complete integrity management solution from Penspen.

Mo uses THEIA’s built in E-Learning and Technical Library to develop his knowledge. He values that THEIA offers a fully rounded environment and includes materials that are relevant to his requirements. The learning materials are beneficial to people who are new to asset integrity, as well more experienced engineers looking to refresh their knowledge on specific aspects of integrity, so that engineers like Mo and his team can keep on top of all their training and development needs.